Cesarean scar endometriosis - a case report

  • Nayyer Sultana PMDC
  • Mariam Malik
  • Ameelia Saddaqat
Keywords: Cesarean section, Scar endometriosis, Diagnosis, Treatment


Scar site endometriosis is a rare event. It mostly occurs after obstetrics and gynaecological related surgeries. Classical presentation is cyclical pain and swelling at or near scar in relation to menstrual cycle. A case of scar site endometriosis in a 25-year-old female is presented. Patient developed characteristic clinical features 3 years after cesarean section. Clinical diagnosis was supported by ultrasonography. A wide excision with clear margins was curative. High index of clinical suspicion and wide excision remain the keys to successful management.

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Sultana N, Malik M, Saddaqat A. Cesarean scar endometriosis - a case report. J Fatima Jinnah Med Univ [Internet]. 15Dec.2020 [cited 21Feb.2024];14(03):140-1. Available from: https://ojs.jfjmu.com/index.php/ojs/article/view/784