Complications affecting outcome in COVID 19 patients admitted in high dependency unit Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore

  • Shazia Siddique FJMU
  • Muhammad Anwar
  • Asma Kamal
  • Khadija Muneer
  • Zia Ul Haq
Keywords: Covid -19, outcome, HDU admission criteria


Background: Covid 19 is a highly contagious viral infection resulting in severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The objective of this study was to determine the potential complications affecting the outcome of moderate to severe COVID 19 patients admitted in HDU of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore.
Subjects and methods: It was a prospective cohort study. The study was conducted on 108 patients admitted in the COVID HDU of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore with positive PCR for COVID-19 having moderate to severe disease. After written consent, all the demographic data and complications like ARDS, respiratory failure, cardiac injury and liver dysfunction, acute kidney injury and sepsis/DIC were obtained through specially designed proformas data was collected through specially designed proformas and data was analysed through SPSS version 22. During hospital stay, we observed the patients for the development of complications as mentioned above. All Patients were followed up till discharge and outcome were noted in terms of discharge or death.
Results: Out of 108 admitted patients in COVID HDU, 68 were discharged, 26 were died and14 got left against medical advice. The mean age was 53.6 + 15.94 years with 53.7% males (n=58), the most common complication during hospital stay was sepsis (31 affected with 16 deaths, 14 survived and p-value=0.000), acute kidney injury (27 affected, 13 died, 13 survived, p-value=0.002), ARDS (seen in 19 patients with 16 deaths, 3 survived and acute cardiac injury (17 affected, 9 died, 8 survived, p-value=0.005).
Conclusion: The complications like adult respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory failure, acute cardiac injury, acute kidney injury, and secondary infection had poor outcomes. This study could help clinicians to take early measures to prevent the development of complications in patients admitted in HDU.

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Siddique S, Anwar M, Kamal A, Muneer K, Haq Z. Complications affecting outcome in COVID 19 patients admitted in high dependency unit Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore. J Fatima Jinnah Med Univ [Internet]. 7Apr.2022 [cited 21Feb.2024];15(4):161-5. Available from: